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Musiknya Para Web Designer & Web Developer

Musik dalam web design & development sangat penting, seorang web designer atau web developer sering kali memanfaatkan musik untuk menghilangkan kejenuhan. Mendengarkan lagu dengan Winamp atau iTunes.

Namun kali ini para pekerja dibidang web ini bukan lah mendengarkan musik, melainkan memainkan alat musik dan membuat musik atau lagu-lagu yang berkaitan dengan dunia web design & web development.

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Aneh sih memang, tapi terdengar lucu dan menggelitik ketika kita mendengarkan nya dengan seksama. Ada rasa tersindir, rasa malu karena ternyata begitu toh keseharian web designer. Penuh rasa tertekan ternyata. haha

Orang-orang ini mungkin membuat musik karena sudah lelah karena pekerjaan di bidang web design & development.

Permasalahan Kompatibelitas Browser, IE yang menjengkelkan, Firefox yang membanggakan, CSS3 yang cukup menarik, semua tertuang dalam beberapa lagu berikut ini. Mari kita simak satu persatu.

Website Designer (funny reggae music video) Web Design


I made this reggae song about being a website designer. It’s totally hilarious, and so I made a music video to go with it. It’s all completely original content that’s informative about what I do as well. Enjoy! Here are the lyrics I know html and css I can make you a website, that’s better than the rest Make you one that’s simple and clean Or make you one with everything I can do your mockup with Photoshop Then slice all your images and add hot spots I can spice up your site with some animation using Flash, Jquery or a combination Website Designer Oh Yeah I/ma Website Designer Oh Yeah If you need a wordpress theme I can hook you up and make it google friendly so it’s easy to look up Make landing pages for facebook yes I do If they won’t click Like, I can make them want to. Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, I do it all Just email, chat on Skype, or give me a call I can give your site all the whistles and bells launch a marketing campaign that really sells I’m a website designer oh yeah I’m a website Designer Okay tired of quote ‘n quote designers that don’t do what they say them a take your money and then they run away Never see them again and you still need a site unethical designers can just take a hike! That’s where I come in and save the day making a great website for half the pay Don’t be afraid because I’m the real thing If I wasn’t then why the hell would I sing I’m a website designer oh yeah I’m a website Designer

The web design song


Me and the gang wrote a song about what we learn in web design class

CSS3 Song

Dibuat oleh seorang Web Opener Opera

“OK, so it’s not just for web animation, and you might need more than one line of code, but CSS3 is still cool and worthy of its very own song. The video, audio and lyrics are freely available here: ” –

Web animation done properly
Degrading gracefully

I had a dream, an awesome dream
People surfing in the park
On Windows, Linux and Mac
And their page load speeds were oh-so-high
No big JavaScript library
Just to show some eye-candy

Web animation done properly
Degrading gracefully

As we surf down the superhighway
Did you ever even think
We could replace <marquee> and <blink>?
With just one, just one line of code
But it’s open to abuse
We must be careful not to overuse it

Web animation done properly
Degrading gracefully

Web animation done properly
Degrading gracefully
Degrading gracefully
With HTML5, naturally

Firefox firebug extension song


“uhm, we made this song cause, you know, firebug… …its awesome”

Firefox Song

Lagu ini adalah respon terhadap lagu Firefox firebug extension  song diatas.

With firefox, you got a real new choice,
browsing safely and more efficiently !
Enjoy the tabbed browsing,
pop-up blocker and no more fishing,
live bookmarks privacy settings….


IE is Being Mean to Me


“Scott sings about his woes developing software to work in Internet Explorer.
In this particular video we went to our sister company and since they also develop software, we were sure they would get a kick out of it.”

“The HTML5 Song” (Parody of 7 Things – Miley Cyrus)

Social Network B

We joined a social network.
Me and my best friend, Bert.
Around that walled garden
we did roam.
Surfing all night.
Got into a fight.
I had so much fun,
I don’t wanna go home.

I got a message from Jen,
my girlfriend from way back when,
but now she just won’t
leave me alone.
What did I say?
Why does she haunt me this way?
She’s nice ‘n’ all but
I wish she’d go home.

Then there’s that guy named Ray.
He took me to a crazy partay
and he took lots of photos
with his cell phone.
Now everyone’s seen
me doing that… thing.
I’m tired of getting laughed at.
I wanna go home.

Then there’s those men in black.
They won’t get off my back,
ever since they gave me
that emergency loan.
How do they know
every place that I go?
I’m getting kinda scared now.
I gotta go home.

But now my whole family
has signed up, just like me.
It’s the only way
I keep in touch with my mom.
It’s part of our lives.
How did we ever survive?
Now we’re in the network,
we’re not going home.
Once you’re in the network,
you can never go home.

Alex’s Website Song!

Kalau yang ini sepertinya seorang anak mempromosikan website nya


Bagaimana menurut anda? apakaha tertarik membuat lagu juga?

Untuk musik web designr & developer lain nya silahkan baca Musiknya Para Web Designer & Developer – Bagian 2

Salam Web Design Indonesia


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