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Adobe previews new responsive web design tool

Watch this video to learn about the major enhancements in Edge Reflow. We’re introducing several new layout and styling methods as well as tons of bug fixes to help you more easily create responsive web designs.

This video above shows senior product manager Jacob Surbers showcase the all-new features. These add extra styling and layout capabilities, including:

  • The ability to leverage absolute and fixed positioning, as well as their z-index. (For example, if you have a navigation bar at the top of your design that you want users to see regardless how far they scroll down, this can be achieved using fixed positioning.)
  • Inline text styling. When you select and style text in a text block, Reflow will use <span> tags and show the CSS for all of the font, colour etc changes you make.
  • Enhancements to the colour picker. You can now control the luminosity of the color, providing you with a fine-grained level of control to help you determine your design palette.
  • The ability to name your elements to helps to keep your projects organized.
  • An overhaul of margin visualization to provide a cleaner UI.

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